Orlando West

Sith848,  Orlando West

Orlando West, Soweto, 1804, Gauteng

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Dobsonville Ext 1

Sith847,  Dobsonville Ext 1

Dobsonville Ext 1, Soweto, 1724, Gauteng

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Chiawelo Ext 5

Sith846,  Chiawelo Ext 5

Chiawelo Ext 5, Soweto, 1818, Gauteng

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Protea Glen Ext 22

Sith845,  Protea Glen Ext 22

Protea Glen Ext 22, Soweto, 1818, Gauteng

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Dhlamini Ext 1

Sith844,  Dhlamini Ext 1

Dhlamini Ext 1, Soweto, 1818, Gauteng

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  • Orlando West

    Sith848, Orlando West

    for sale >> R 1,250,000.00
  • Dobsonville Ext 1

    Sith847, Dobsonville Ext 1

    for sale >> R 1,100,000.00
  • Chiawelo Ext 5

    Sith846, Chiawelo Ext 5

    for sale >> R 720,000.00
  • Protea Glen Ext 22

    Sith845, Protea Glen Ext 22

    for sale >> R 850,000.00
  • Dhlamini Ext 1

    Sith844, Dhlamini Ext 1

    for sale >> R 1,200,000.00

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